We BusinessGT delivers great Accounting Software, a real alternative to Xero

We know that XERO accounting is a decent accounting system. With Xero accounting you pay extra for everything, volume, users, functions, facilities - the whole farm. 
Then, your data is theirs! 

Using BusinessGT as an alternative to Xero Accounting is a good idea. Import your data and try it out.

OK. Here's why BusinessGT is better than Xero Accounting:
  • For Micro business, the system is free. 
  • Even if you use BusinessGT heavily, the charges will be around 33% of Xero - probably a lot less.
  • The system is especially built for start-ups.
  • All the software is included FREE. There are No Added Extras.
  • MTD for VAT is included FREE (but you have to have 10 credits in the system).
  • No charge for extra users. For instance, your accountant can have a username & password straight away.
  • Invoices are easy to set up and to issue.
  • You can use the quote system if you wish - it is optional.
  • The CRM will help you target your prospective and actual clients, systematically - all optional.
  • No need to close off your year end accounts!!!!!!! BusinessGT allows you to keep all periods open, for as long as you want.
  • Accounting is immediate and very quick. No waiting about.

ALSO you get free systems for:
  • Importing target data for your CRM
  • Importing transaction or balances for your Accounting System
  • Project Management
  • Email Campaigns (better than MailChimp)
  • Full CRM for telesales campaigns - or your own or sales staff operations



This system is designed by Accountants and System Designers using very modern techniques: one of the things you will notice is that all the content can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel (or your open source spreadsheet software) very easily.   You may also connect to your database to use Business Intelligence software - talk with us about how you can do this. 

We built the system this way because we know that when you look for insights into data, or you will need to carefully hand-design your output report. This is difficult, unless you use Excel - so we made that whole process easier.

Charges are very low - and based on how much you use the system -
  • You receive 2 free credits a month.
  • Monthly there is a charge of 1 Credit for each 500Mb of usage of storage and 500 Mb of bandwidth. 
  • If you send more than 100 emails in a day, there is a possible daily charge of 1 credit per 100 emails sent.
So for almost all small businesses, the system is free. 

For most startups, it is unlikely that you will use more than the minimum in year 1.