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Packages are Available

Most of our users use the free system (often just to file their VAT return).

A small number of clients spend about £50 a month (low shared service): our larger clients spend around £1,000 a quarter. 
Talk to us about what you need.
The system delivers unlimited bandwidth and storage use to all users (subject to our reasonable use policy).
We recommend that users consuming more than 2Gb of bandwidth across two months, or more than 1Gb of total storage, request to have their database moved to a "low shared service" - which has higher individual capacity than the public servers.

You may use unlimited:
  • Users
  • Email accounts
  • Target businesses
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Nominal Ledger transactions
  • Images and PDFs in your BusinessGT Library
Email sends are measured daily. The first 100 your system sends out each day are free (note our usage policies). You need to call us in order to use the Email system (we will then open up the firewall for your sub-domain). All inbound emails are free. Daily, outbound emails sent in excess of the 100 sent from all your accounts (or part) there is a charge of 1 credit per 100 (or part). 

There is no charge for the software itself. The BusinessGT software is available only from our private cloud servers.
All standard users are FREE - this includes an email account (and 100 system emails per day) accessible through the BusinessGT interface.

If your system is not on our Public Servers, you are on a higher service level and this will cost you something. You will need to pay in advance, and retain a minimum of 2 months credits for future usage.

Master Administrators see total usage at any time in Charges & History. 
When Master Administrators buy credits on the BusinessGT web site - they are automatically placed into your BGT system. 
Your Master Admin username and password will work on the BusinessGT web site (it is how we know who you are). 

See the usage (bandwidth and processing) details by person by day in the Admin->Usage Audit Log.
See the file storage sizes at any time - Admin-> Database Size Manager.

Volumes of usage are as:
  • Bandwidth - is page content size (images and text) plus computational processing.
  • Storage - is the direct size of your database on the server. 
Both of these usage volumes are visible in the Admin Monitoring pages

A Micro-business - of one person and a book-keeper (say) - is likely to require less than 300Mb of bandwidth/processing, and less than 250Mb of storage - so they will normally enjoy the system entirely without any extra charge.

For the vast majority of our clients the system will cost £ nothing

Learn more on how charging works.

There are many really great optional extras.
We also offer higher levels of service - see the shop for more details.

 BusinessGT Rules.pdf


The basic system is FREE

that's the entire system; 

everything B2B startups/SMEs NEED.

You only need to Pay 

if you require a higher level of service.


The public service level includes:

500 Mb of storage, 500 Mb of monthly bandwidth & processing,

100 emails a day, unlimited users/targets/invoices.

There are no plug & play extras - because they are all included.

We have removed the need to buy credits: pay us on invoice, to our bank if you need to.

HTTPS security is included for a sub-domain of / .net / .eu: