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Setting up a Professional Services Business

Since 2010 many organisations have believed that they can do without quite so many professional people working for them on the payroll.

This has created real opportunity for some specialists to provide highly skilled services on an interim or even semi-permanent contract basis. This can be lucrative - though it is often subject to "feast & famine" periods. 

For success, if you have excellent and desirable skills, you probably need fewer than 50 companies who know about your skills and who you can make sure that they call on your services intermittently. 

You need to have a small number of things to start with:
  • enough capital or steady income to last (say) 3 months
  • deep skills that you have a quality cv you can get around to agents (if you don't want to get on the phones yourself)
  • good testimonials to your previous skills and outcomes
You need a system able to:
  • Send invoices to your clients
  • Help you manage your costs and overheads as a business - separately from your personal costs
  • Allow you to plan your next 3 to 12 months to a modest degree
  • Help you identify when you need to get the marketing machine working again.


Setting up your own business will feel like you are climbing a mountain.

The best way to surmount the challenge, is to plan in sufficient detail in small enough steps so that you can be sure that you will achieve your objective.

BusinessGT delivers this, and more. 

Try the system - see how easily you can create a sales invoice. 
Update the web site you will have - with no knowledge of HTML or web software. 
Add target customers into the CRM and make a call to them. 
              See how the system pushes you to follow up.

When you are ready, try the project management system - create some template project plans. 

*FREE - the first 500Mb of bandwidth and storage is free. The first 100 emails sent per day are free. Additional usage is chargeable.