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Systems are only great if they deliver results:

                BusinessGT delivers: In spades.

For a small number of clients we provide add on services, including:
  • Web site design.
  • Google Web Site Analytics management.
  • Active Search Engine Optimisation updates (usually bi-monthly).
  • Design services - for flyers and printed materials.
  • As Google Partners, we help clients receive relevant, valuable inbound leads. 
  • We support Facebook specialist advertising. 
  • Professional Marketing assistance, advice and support.

Over the last 20 years we have built deep relationships with our clients and developed the BusinessGT system to deliver real Return On Investment for them. Here is an outline of the effect of our operations for one of our Engineering services clients over recent times: 

Quarterly figures
                2018         Q1      Q2       Q3        Q4     '19 Q1       Q2
k impressions          60        58        85        95          90         91
k clicks                     2.8       2.6      3.0       3.1            3.5       3.0
£k cost complete       5        11.6*     5.1        5.2         5.2        5.3
inbound leads          50        53       174      223        220      183 (excludes spam + duplicates)

* In this quarter we rebuilt the web site for mobile, and undertook a major review words used in the site, of for the client (costing £6k). It is this work which has led to  a result that has more than quadrupled their genuine inbound sales leads. As a direct consequence they have employed two additional personnel in their sales departments. 

This client has 4 plants employing 150 people across the south of England, and provides specialist engineering services to Aerospace and Automotive markets mostly in the UK. They have 2 major UK competitors, substantial in-company alternatives, and a good number of small locally based competing companies. The charge for a piece of work ranges from £100 to £2,000 and clients usually send multiple items to be treated. 

Using our services, the Cost of Customer Acquisition has reduced from around £150 to approximately £40.

We believe that most organisations would prefer to use a measured and scientific approach to building their business.
              We deliver exactly that. 

Talk with us today, to discover whether this service would be useful for your organisation.