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Our Beliefs

We believe that: 

Modern Software should be priced on how much it is used, not priced by number of users.

Data and usage patterns should not be scanned and used to generate income.

Content is private unless the owner publishes it. 

All users of software should benefit from its development - and share the costs.

If you use it enough (ie, > 500Mb/m), here's how BusinessGT will charge:
  • Each month every system is credited with 2 credits.
  • At your period end you are charged 1 credit per 500Mb of bandwidth used,
  • Email: your first 100 emails a day are free to send: Daily emails sent in excess of 100 are charged 1 credit per 100 emails (or part).

All usage is subject to a reasonable use policy. We will contact you in this event.
Additional services will mean you are charged more credits:
Credits cost £1 each. 

1. Bandwidth: Every time you or a user of your web site downloads a page, or a report, the system logs the usage in an audit file against the user's name (everyone is logged-on) - and that download is measured.  Your website visitors are all logged on as anonymous visitors. If you use the BGT web site, we recommend you use Google Analytics for detailed knowledge of your web site usage and activity. Accumulated bandwidth use is charged monthly. Most small businesses use between 50Mb and 250Mb monthly in bandwidth; BGT Standard Prices are 500Mb for 1 credit. 

Storage for your live system depends on what you have saved and wish to keep. An empty system uses approximately 100Mb. You can see this at any time. (See STORAGE pages). Most small businesses will use 200Mb to 450Mb. You can delete your own stored content at any time. At the end of the month, you are charged for storage in multiples of 500Mb (rounded up).  BGT Standard Prices are 500Mb for 1 credit.

Emails - All received emails are free: Each day your system's first 100 daily emails are free. After that, every 100 emails sent in a day will cost 1 credit. Most people send fewer than 50 emails a day (see "normal use" agreement), all authorised Business GT users receive an email account free. You don't have to use our email server - use your existing server if you wish -this will not affect your charges if you use the email campaign system.  

All of our micro-business customers pay nothing.