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Higher Levels of Service

If you will have more than 3 staff using the system for most of the day, 

you should consider moving your system to servers that are shared with fewer businesses. 

Business growing? Need more resilience? Here are some options to consider:

High Availability Web Servers

The standard offering of the service is on our public facing servers,which are shared between multiple users. 
If you wish to have a higher level of service, then we recommend that you opt for our HA servers.
We will move your system onto a new database controller, and use load balanced servers to deliver the web user interface.
This "Low Shared Service"  services is ideal where your staff numbers using the system ranges between 5 and 20 in a day. You still share the web sever with others, but you will have a higher level of availability of the system.

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
25.00 25.00

Dedicated Web Servers

If you want the certainty of availability, then you should consider using dedicated servers. 

This option allows you to specify the number of dedicated load balanced servers you need.

Our servers operate in a Resilient environment, and if one fails, then it can be replaced in minutes.

One server delivers good response times for a call centre team of between 20 and 50. 

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
50.00 50.00

Dedicated Database Server

It is rare for small to medium organisation to need a dedicated database server, as these machines handle up to 1,000 users.  Our Databases are Microsoft SQL 2019. 
Only a very few clients will need a dedicated database server - but if you do, our pricing policy means it is within reach of small budgets.  

A dedicated database means that you can benefit from Business Intelligence connectivity, direct API access to the database, and many other features. Contact us for more information. 

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
200.00 150.00