We are the best Quickbooks Alternative. 

We think so.

We like Quickbooks, but ours is a better alternative. Broadly speaking most of their accounting system is pretty good - a shame it does not use double entry book-keeping. A few things are awful (for instance the Account ledger details). The reporting is not great. The mobile pages are good, admittedly, but, being cloud based system, are you sure the data is yours and not been copied elsewhere?????
Where data is the product, if you don't know what is happening to your data - it probably is the product.

                        Added to this, the cost. Per user based pricing does not excite us, in even a small way.
                        Pay to get extra user accounts. No free email, phew.

        Plus, where's the CRM at no extra charge?
        And, where's the Project Management module at no extra charge? 

Using BusinessGT as an alternative to Quickbooks is a great option. 

You can export all your data fairly easily (you MUST add more columns into the output reports such as VAT code, date paid, etc), import it into your own, dedicated cloud based BusinessGT system and be assured that your data is yours. It is backed up weekly, but it is not scanned or copied. The database is entirely yours. You can download all of your content very easily. There is no extra charge for any plug and play extras.  

        We used to use QuickBooks for a couple of our sister companies, and it has some good features:
        But right now - the reporting is not good, and the price is ridiculous. 


In order to consider BusinessGT more fully - why not take all of your data from QuickBooks, and put it into your dedicated BusinessGT and see if you like it.

Remember that BusinessGT does not offer a Payroll system - we recommend that if you have fewer than 10- employees, you use the HMRC free Payroll system on the web site. You should be able to extract a Journal summary for each month of payroll, and any time-sheet journals or similar. Journals are imported as if they are Purchase Invoice Transactions.

In BusinessGT you will be able to produce all the reports and trend analysis and other information that you need. Brilliant.

Here are the steps (see also the PowerPoint slide deck below):
  1. Make sure your Accounting defaults are all set up OK (Sales Invoice details: e.g. VAT no, Banks Account, etc) Decide to extract all of the Sales invoices and Purchase invoices, and journals. (best option) 
  2. Produce the reports (Sales, Purchases, Journals) 
  3. Create a Chart Of Accounts from SAGE, Modify the BusinessGT basic COA for your key words.  
  4. Import these items as Transactions using the Admin menu option. If you include a paid date, the import transactions routing will process a cash received /paid journal automatically. During the import of Transactions, BGT creates new copies of your Sales Invoices and places them in the Library - so they are accessible by customer.
Here are videos showing how to do this: