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Free Accounting System

The BusinessGT accounting system is a fully double entry accounting system, built for people who don't have time to do book-keeping or accounting. 
Ours is a Quickbooks alternative - a simple system that deals with everything really simply. 
Also, this accounting system is an alternative to the 
SAGE accounting system.  
We have import routines you can use to bring in all your data easily - and see what you get , before you use it. 

Raise a Sales Invoice, and the book-keeping is all done automatically. Same for Purchases. Everything is sent out on email templates: VAT registered or not, the system handles it. 

Built for the self-employed, small business, consultant, specialist, work from home business.

Unlimited Free Accounting Features:
  • Users.
  • Collaborators.
  • Ledger Entries.
  • Sales invoices.
  • Purchase Invoices.
  • Target Organisations.
  • Clients
  • Suppliers.
  • Quotes or Estimates sent.
  • Accounting Locations.
  • Storage space. 

Important features included. 

  • MTD VAT filing
  • Simple Accounting reporting - 12 month rolling or Monthly, Quarterly, Annual. 
  • Customisable invoices, quotes, estimates
  • Multiple VAT schemes or Sales Tax
  • Secure
  • No adverts
  • No data scanning
  • No set up fees
  • No software to install
  • Use any browser

Expect from the system:
  • Full Double Entry book-keeping
  • Full Audit trails for all invoices
  • Easy download all transactions
  • Professional Invoicing
  • Integrated Quotes and Purchase Orders
  • Figures based on Quantities and Prices
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-Location
  • Extendable Chart of Accounts
  • Full Forecasting and Budgeting


Full Double entry book-keeping
Integrated Cash Flow
Easy download all transactions
Easy download P&L and B/S and Cash Flow
Professional Invoicing
Multiple VAT options
Estimates and Quotes integrated
Custom Email templates (Invoices, statements, etc)
Visualise against forecast
Immediate report

If you are running your business from home or from a small office - our software is for you. 
You can give your accountant full, free access from their own office. Your book-keeper too.
You can have as many users as you want: there is no cost implication: and, they all get email accounts.

Take advantage of our integrated approach to designing the software - it will make your life simpler.
  • Management accounts are available immediately - based on calendar months. 
  • Have any year end month you wish (the default is March 31st). 
  • Process previous years data with ease. 
  • Cash flow reporting is produced automatically (click to update). 
  • Download everything into Excel when needed. 
How the BusinessGT Accounting system works

As you process a Sales Invoice or Purchase invoice or Journal, the line transaction details are saved individually in the SINV or PINV table (used for Day Books and VAT analysis), the actual Nominal postings are saved in the DETAILS table - so you will never lose them. Then, the system processes double entry book-keeping is done for you.  

When every transaction is saved, it is posted to the Nominal Account (we call these "Collect Accounts") - and then posted to its dedicated "Totalling Tree" - so that all reports are immediately correct for the totals and locations. 

Cash flow processing is semi-automatic. The Cash Flow Statement is derived from the accounts in your system entirely (and so you can change it) and you need to "update special totals" to populate the Cash Flow data.

When you view reports - just change the "Level" to being the level of detail that you wish to see.