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Free Accounting System

You need a system that allows you to run your business from home, from an office - from the beach.
        Business GT provides this. Try it today - it is free for low volume users

Raise Quotations and send PDFs
with ease. Use your logo and details - look great!

Raise Sales Invoices using the system really quickly. With your products and services, speed up the process even more.

Process bank information quickly and easily.
As you send Sales Invoices, they are posted into your accounts.
Your accounts are updated immediately you process goods received against a Purchase Order -
      - the same with processing Purchase Invoices.  
Minimise your typing and standardise prices and profits from using Products and Services. 
All accounting postings are automatic from the invoice. 
The whole system is extremely secure - allocate users "Roles" for access to the different apps; Allocate users into "System Groups" to allow different levels of access (user, updater, manager, admin, master admin).

Submit VAT 
Electronically quarterly - retain proper control. The system includes VAT Schemes - Standard, Margin, Retail . PLUS it deals with Reverse Charges and CiS schemes.

The BusinessGT accounting Chart of Accounts is standardised: and you can change the account names easily.

Unlimited Authorised Users as you need - each one gets their own email account. 

As soon as you process anything, your accounts are immediately ready in the P&L Control Panel. Don't wait.

If you are running your business from home or from a small office - our software is for you. 
Your accountant has free access from their own office. Your book-keeper too.

Take advantage of our integrated approach to designing the software - it will make your life simpler.

  • Management accounts are available immediately - based on calendar months. 
  • Have any year end month you wish. 
  • Process previous years data with ease. 
  • Cash flow reporting is produced automatically (click to update). 
  • Download everything into Excel when needed. 

Fantastic system, built to be quick to use - whilst being thorough. 

*FREE - the first 500Mb of bandwidth and storage is free. The first 100 emails sent per day are free. Additional usage is chargeable.