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Working systems - take a look at the details

We have an example, fully operational system that we run, just so you can see what a system looks like, review the invoices, see the P&L, see the CRM fully working, see the project management and understand the Admin.  It is more complicated than most people will need - but it shows most of the functions in operation, clearly.


In our example site: you may logon as the Managing Director, and see everything: 

User name: Adrian.blane        Password: 4dr14n                 MD
User name: Elaine.figg            Password: 3l41ne                Tech Director
User name: Lynn.martin          Password: LynnM4                     Book-keeper
User name: Jack.keel              Password: J4ckK3                    programmer
User name: Petra.quinn           Password: P3tr4Q                   programmer