Having been previously locked into SAGE for years,
We wanted a system that works with us, not against us - So we built one - and made it FREE. 

As an alternative to SAGE Accounting, BusinessGT is a serious option.

Yes, we know our number of users is low - but we are growing at a phenomenal rate. 

One of the wonderful things about BusinessGT - it is FREE for low volume users - so you can try it out for nothing.

                               Isn't that fantastic?

Here are some of the issues with SAGE Accounting that you may regret if you use that system: 

Sage 50 (and more) issues:

You can't produce historic P&L data. Try producing a P&L monthly or annually from 30 months ago - even for the middle of the last financial year. You won't be able to do it.  Even exporting into Excel requires a clear half day - and even then you need very advanced Excel skills to make the output work properly. 

A short while ago you were able to change the system date of the machine, you now can't - they have made their system require that it has an internet connection to check the license every time you open it up: a regrettable development, as you now cannot work without an internet connection.

You are unable to produce any information from before the beginning of the last financial year. Shocking.

You now have an option to produce essential reports from SAGE produced information.  We have solved that problem for you. 

What you do is this. 
  1. Extract all of your detail sales lines into a file.
  2. Extract all your purchase invoices lines into a file.
  3. Extract all your Journal entries into a file.
  4. Import them into your own, dedicated BusinessGT system.
  5. This will automatically create PDFs of your sales invoices, post payments, plus your NL and totals data.
  6. Your BusinessGT system will show your full P&L, Balance Sheet and cash flow: immediately. 
Check it all agrees, correct any balances: DONE

Import files into BusinessGT must be less than 1.25Mb in size. 
You can import dates from 1 January 2013 onwards. 

A great alternative to SAGE Accounting, you can export your data into BusinessGT and see the reports and downloads easily.

It is quite easy to transfer your information over from SAGE into BusinessGT (just remember how difficult SAGE will try to make it). 
Remember that BusinessGT does not offer a Payroll system - we recommend that if you have fewer than 10- employees, you use the HMRC free Payroll system on the web site. You should be able to extract a Journal summary for each month of payroll, and any time-sheet journals or similar.  Journals are imported as if they are Purchase Invoice Transactions. 

In BusinessGT you will be able to produce all the reports and trend analysis and other information that you need. Brilliant.

Here are the steps (see also the PowerPoint slide deck below):
  1. Make sure your Accounting defaults are all set up OK (Sales Invoice details: e.g. VAT no, Banks Account, etc)
  2. Decide to extract all of the Sales invoices and Purchase invoices, and journals. (best option)
  3. Produce the reports (Sales, Purchases, Journals)
  4. Create a Chart Of Accounts from SAGE, Modify the BusinessGT basic COA for your key words. 
  5. Import these items as Transactions using the Admin menu option. If you include a paid date, the import transactions routing will process a cash received /paid journal automatically.
During the import of Transactions, BGT creates new copies of invoices and places them in the Library. 

Here are videos showing how to do this: