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website free to start
     Free Unlimited, mobile+
     Fully SEO & mobile

Free Accounting to start with
  Accounts -
      Free Unlimited Invoices/Quotes
      Cash Flow etc

Email, Campaigns
  Emails, Campaigns - 
        100* free per day
              (If you want to use this, you must tell us!)
Forecasts, Budgets, Targets
    Free Unlimited Forecasts/ Budgets/ Targets
      Quantity, Prices, Profiles etc
CRM to grow - free to start
  CRM For Growth
      Free Unlimited Users
      Ideal for Personal / Telemarketing
      Unlimited Customers/ Targets


BusinessGT - Make yours Unlimited

and...We Made It Free*

Business Start-up? SME? Already running your business? Great!

Forecasts; Invoices; Accounts; CRM ; Projects: Website; Email Marketing.

plus MTD VAT. Integrated. Unlimited users (reasonable use policy). 

Professional Business Software

*FREE for micro-business

A simpler, better alternative to combinations of Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, SalesForce, and others. 

How does pricing work?
We rely on you telling your friends the great value we offer - so we don't spend so much  on marketing.  We decided that for micro-businesses (send under 100 emails a day), we'd make it free.

* The deal is this: using our public servers, it is FREE. 

If you want to file VAT you can; there's no charge for the functionality. 

For details of our charges Click Here.

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Key software

Business GT is a B2B software system for start ups and small to medium organisations - it includes the key tools you need for success. Included are: full invoicing and accounting, 100 Emails a day, Email Campaigns, Website (SEO), Inbound Leads & management, CRM and more.

Unlimited Users with email accounts: Free. 

Here is your Startup Manual Click Here.